The Yes Experts Hall of Fame

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Sally Albright
”When Harry Met Sally” 1989

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes…Oh…Oh… Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The inaugural inductee into The Yes Experts Hall of Fame gave us perhaps the most famous “Yes!” in American history.

Because we are a family-friendly dry cleaning establishment, we won’t go into the details of this seminal scene in the 1989 rom-com classic “When Harry Met Sally,” but we honor Sally’s enthusiastic embrace of the three-letter word at the heart of American Cleaners’ pledge to customers.

When it comes to fearlessly accepting a challenge presented to us, we’ll definitely have what she’s having.

“Oh, Yeah!”

Our second inductee into The Yes Experts Hall of Fame broke through with a pitcher full of positivity.

Is there a drink as quintessentially American as an ice cold pitcher of Kool-Aid? We think not. And though Mom was usually the one quenching our thirst during the lazy days of summer, we always knew Kool-Aid man was on the other side of the wall, waiting for an all-American invitation to join the party.


Kool-Aid Man




Style icon, R&B superstar, and Grammy winner for the crunk classic that’s had America singing its affirmation for 15 years.

Though a collaboration with rappers Ludacris and Lil John, the world knows “Yeah!” as Usher’s smash hit that topped the charts for 12 consecutive weeks in 2004. What knocked it from #1? Usher’s next single, “Burn.”

So here’s to Usher, a true expert in the ways of “Yes.”

“Roger That!”

American Cleaners proudly honors all Americans who’ve stepped up and said “Yes!” to the responsibility of defending our country.

We celebrate the women and men who are bound together by one love—for the United States of America and the values upon which it has been established. We celebrate all present and past members of our armed services - may they stay strong and safe as they defend our right to say "Yes" to whatever we choose.


Military Servicemembers


“Yes, and…”

The Windy City has given the world deep dish pizza, “The Super Bowl Shuffle,” and this inspirational improv technique that has no room for “No, but.”

Countless comedy icons have emerged from Chicago’s famed The Second City over the past 50 years, including John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Steve Carell, and they all cut their improv teeth with the phrase “Yes, and,” a powerful affirmation that engages and inspires creativity and collaboration - not unlike American Cleaners' approach to every cleaning challenge you send our way.