Ever feel like you're the only one who reads these care labels?

At American Cleaners, we realize you have a lot invested in your wardrobe. That’s why we check all garments carefully for stains, loose or missing buttons, unraveled hems and return them to you as good as new after cleaning. We carefully read all care labels to ensure that your garments are cleaned using the manufacturer’s exact specifications. After cleaning, each garment is expertly finished, inspected and packaged to keep it fresh and ready to wear.

  1. Free Pick-Up & Delivery
    Yes, it really is that easy. And it really is that free. Our valet will come to your home or office, picking up your dry cleaning and laundry when we drop off. And it won’t cost you a dime extra, because American Cleaners’ pick-up & delivery rates are the same as our in-store prices. You determine whether you’d like professional valet service once or twice a week, and you don’t even have to be home or in the office when our professional driver arrives. Click here to get all the details or sign up here for American Cleaners’ Free Pick-Up & Delivery service.
  2. bizzie Locker System
    Conveniently placed all over the Oklahoma City metro area, our bizzie lockers are always open for business. Patented technology gives American Cleaners’ customers the ability to drop off or pick up their laundry and drycleaning when it’s convenient for them, so they can get on with living their busy lives. Click here to get all the details and locate the bizzie locker system nearest you. Or sign up here for American Cleaners’ completely free, always secure, tech savvy, 24/7, pick-up and delivery locker system service.
  3. Professional Dry Cleaning
    Less than 1% of all dry cleaners nationwide hold American Cleaners’ distinction as a Certified Master Dry Cleaner. While other local cleaners typically use very aggressive cleaning products to harshly speed-clean garments, American only uses cleaning agents that are lighter than water, as well as specialized computer programs to ensure your clothes get as clean as possible with the least amount of agitation. This extremely delicate cleaning process takes a little extra time, but is well worth it—measurably extending the life of every garment, including leather, suede and fur items, we dry clean. Oklahoma City’s biggest is also its best dry cleaners. That’s because we take extra care to treat your fine clothes like they’re our fine clothes. That’s the American Cleaners way.
  4. Perfect Pressed Shirts
    Although American’s professional-grade laundered shirts can be delivered to your door, the process that delivers the whitest whites and the brightest darks can’t be duplicated in any home. Our team employs 8 separate specialized detergents, additives, and finishes in custom programmed state-of-the-art machines. Not only does this keep shirts looking their very best, it ensures that American Cleaners’ consistently high standards are met every time. In fact, if we return a shirt that has a missing or broken button, we’ll launder the next three shirts for free.
  5. Wedding Gown Preservation
    For more than half a century, locals have trusted American Cleaners with their most precious family heirlooms—wedding gowns, christening gowns, first-communion gowns, and more. Our team inspects and hand cleans each gown, carefully removing any stains or discoloration. Of course, American Cleaners always takes special care to protect loose or fragile beading, fine embroidery, and delicate lace. And because some spills that appear invisible will brown over time, we take every precaution to ensure that all contaminants are completely removed.
  6. Alterations & Repairs
    Our professional tailors have seen it all—everything from simple repairs to the most complex tapering, re-weaving, and more. We’re just as comfortable altering 50 year-old wedding gowns for granddaughter brides as we are replacing broken zippers on a break-dancer’s jacket, altering pants’ waists for a successful dieter or taking up sleeves for a smaller sister’s new coat. We can deliver great results on any type of alteration to any garment in as few as three to seven working days.
  7. Household Items
    Our professional cleaners have been treating Oklahoma City homeowners to the highest quality and most convenient décor cleaning for more than 70 years. American Cleaners can provide professional cleaning of most household bedding, tableware, leather, suede, boots/shoes, and virtually every rug imaginable. Our professional staff can also painstakingly dismantle, clean, and reinstall every type of custom drapery, swag, cornice board, and window dressing there is—all the more reason to trust American with your household cleaning and finishing.
  8. Textile Restoration
    American Cleaners is a member of the internationally recognized Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN) and is the largest and most experienced provider of textile restoration services to the insurance industry in Oklahoma. Our experienced team of highly trained textile experts specialize in insurance restoration for all types of claims, but they’re just as comfortable working with homeowners as they are contractors and insurance professionals to restore garments damaged by fire, smoke, water or exposure to mold and other contaminants. Call 1-866-809-CRDN (2736) to discuss your damage or submit your claim online to CRDN now.
  9. Wash & Fold Service
    Don’t like doing laundry? Let American Cleaners’ Wash & Fold Service take care of it! We’ll sort your laundry — separating lights from darks, and bright colors from delicate whites. We’ll wash and dry them just the way you like it. Then we’ll hand-fold everything, and wrap it all up nice and tidy like a birthday present from Mom. Call or stop by today and ask for our special ORANGE Wash & Fold bag.
  10. Shoes & Boots Service
    American Cleaners is Oklahoma City’s premier footwear cleaner. We’ll thoroughly clean, polish and shine your precious shoes and boots. When we’re finished, each shoe or boot is individually stuffed, wrapped and delicately placed in a protective box. And in just two business days, they’re ready. We clean and restore canvas, cloth, vinyl and leather sneakers, and tennis and golf shoes.